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Advantage Sep 5, 2018 12:00:00 AM 1 min read

Colt Extends SD-WAN Globally & Launches On Demand in Singapore

Colt Technology Services s announced two key SDN launches – the expansion of its SD WAN solutions across Asia Pacific and North America, and the launch of its On Demand offering in Singapore. Both solutions leverage the advanced capabilities of the Colt IQ Network, which connects to more than 850 data centres and over 27,000 on net buildings globally.

Colt is now offering SD-WAN solutions across both its APAC and North American footprint, expanding outward from its European core. Those SD-WAN capabilities combine with the NFV services Colt is offering via universal CPEs and access options from Colt's own fiber to third party internet to 3G/4G wireless links.

In addition, the company has officially launched on-demand network services in the southeast Asian hub of Singapore, complementing their launch earlier this year in Japan after last year's European debut.

Read the entire Press Release HERE.